Google Plus Codes on Google Maps

On a Computer

If you live on a street or road that shows up on Google Maps, you can go to:  . But if you need to view a satellite image to find your house, continue reading.

1.      Open google maps on a laptop or desktop computer.

2.      Click, drag & zoom the map so the center is close to your area. You can zoom in & out with the mouse roller wheel or start by putting your town name & state in the search box at the upper left of the screen.

3.      Click on “Layers” in the lower left corner of the map; now you have the satellite view of your area.

4.      Drag & zoom until you can see your roof or driveway.

5.      Click on your home; then click on the blue string of 2 sets of numbers in the white rectangle at the bottom center of the satellite map of your roof.

6.      A big white box will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. Move the mouse into the white box & scroll down with the mouse to the 5 blue dots; the line beside the 5 dots is your GeoCode.

Example:  CP3C+X47 Pine Springs, Arizona —   is the parking lot at Pine Springs School.

7.      Write it down, being careful to get the letters, numbers & +(plus) sign in the right order & spacing.

8.      To keep the Plus code - GeoCode on your computer, you can copy it like normal text, or click on the 2 little sheets of paper to the right of the code, or just click on the Plus code. Any one of these will copy it into your mouse to be pasted in an email, text or document

On a Phone or Tablet with Internet

If you don’t have an internet connection, try a library or school & use the desktop instruction above.

1.       If you are at your home & have a data or wifi connection to the internet, turn on Location in the phone’s settings if it’s currently off.

2.      Open the Google Maps app on your phone.

3.      Press to create a blue dot that shows your location. The blue dot should now be a red pin, and the bottom of the screen should read “Dropped Pin”.

4.      Swipe up from dropped pin, and your Plus Code–a series of letters and numbers separated by a +(plus) sign will appear on the card. If you press on it, it will say “Plus Code copied,” and you can paste it into a text or email it to yourself or into a document you create.

Example:  CP4C+X46 Pine Springs, Arizona —   is the parking lot at Pine Springs School.

5.      If you write it down be careful to get the letters, numbers, & +(plus) sign in the right order & spacing.