ACDP Executive Board

Priscilla Weaver Chair

(928) 656-1001 landline

  • Priscilla Weaver (Chair): In January 2020, I traveled from Teec Nos Pos to Window Rock with my husband to learn more about the Arizona Democratic Party in Apache County. I met wonderful community activists who became my allies and friends because we shared common ideas and were willing to help each other. We campaigned together with the Northeast Arizona Native Democrats to get votes by using social media, phone banking, text messaging, signposting, and radio advertising. We eventually reached our common goal in November when we were successful in electing Democratic candidates, flipping Arizona blue by 10,457 votes, and turning our country blue. Apache County had 51,906 registered voters, 35,776 of whom voted. This accounted for a 68.92% turnout, and I learned that grassroots organizations were critical in producing this high turnout.

Steven Begay

Vice Chair

  • Steven C. Begay (Vice Chair): Since the early 1970’s, I have been involved in the campaign activities of certain candidates in tribal, state or national elections. Locally, I have served as the cultural advisor in the Chris Deschene for Navajo President campaign in 2014 and 2015. We formed the Navajo Voters Coalition where I serve as the agent and as board member. In 2018, I helped Buu Van Nygren in his Vice-Presidential campaign. In New Mexico, I have emceed at various candidate’s forums at the chapter level. On August 6, 2019 after encouragement from two key political advocates, I was elected as the Chairman of the Apache County Democrats at a precinct committee meeting at Fort Defiance Chapter. My special appreciation for the guidance of the Navajo County Democrats Chair and Vice Chair, the Arizona Democratic Party and the Apache County. My contribution is to use my language, education, experience, skill and abilities to make our land and country a better place to live.

Katherine D. Arviso

2nd Vice Chair

  • Katherine Dahozy Arviso (2nd Vice Chair): I am honored to call Louva Dahozy my mother. She is a living treasure and has been a voter registration advocate for more than 50 years in Apache County and the Navajo Nation. She inspired me to work alongside her in recruiting Precinct Committee members for the Democratic Party and in advocating for voting rights, voter education, and voter registration. I have also served on the Navajo Nation Board of Election Supervisors. In 2004, I was elected and served 8 years as the Apache County Treasurer. I was the first Native American to be elected in Apache County’s 125-year history.

Virginia Dotson


  • Ginny Dotson (Secretary/Treasurer): Before politics became so compelling, I was a wood artist. I am a strong supporter of voting rights. My oldest aunts on both sides of my family reached adulthood at a time when women did not have the right to vote. When they fought for and finally gained that right, they voted in every single election as long as they were able to do so. When I saw some of our legislators trying to take that right away from people, I knew it was time to get to work and fight again.As a board member of the Apache County Democrats, I will work to empower and educate voters in our communities.

Toni Beetham

Board member at large

  • Toni Beetham (Board Member at Large): I became interested in politics and its effect on both society and economics in the late 60s as a teenager. My first boss, who owned the restaurant I worked at, was a county commissioner and tried to teach me how it all functioned. I have always been involved in a very minor way, making phone calls and writing letters, but after retiring to Apache County, I became dispirited at the general lack of involvement. As helium fracking became a cause for deep concern, I became galvanized to stop it, which eventually led me to becoming a precinct committeeman. And as our right to vote is more and more endangered, I feel it critical to stay engaged.