NE AZ Native Democrats

Lorencita Marshall, a citizen of the Navajo nation, is the leader of the  Northeast Arizona Native Democrats as their Director of Campaigns and engagement.

”In 2020, I was not a registered voter and political organizing was not something I had interest in or any intentions to do. It wasn’t until I was a student at Diné College that I was invited to attend a discussion with the Arizona Secretary of State office and talk about voting. I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit embarrassed about what I didn’t know. I was thankful about the way I was brought into the conversation. I know what it feels like when you think you don’t belong in certain places or conversations or that you don’t think your opinion matters, but after I was encouraged and supported I got more involved. I registered to vote, cast my ballot, then began helping others register to vote, and had conversations with other people who felt just like I did. Now, I certainly know I have a space and the responsibility to speak up and make sure the people in my community are heard. I want more community members to gain that kind of confidence too.”